T-34B Mentor

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T-34B Mentor
Spanwijdte 203 cm
Lengte 160 cm
Motor 10-15 cc 2T 15-20 cc 4T
Gewicht 4,5-6,4 kilo

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Take flight with an American military classic trainer!

For almost 50 years the T-34 Mentor was a primary trainer for new U.S. Air Force and Navy pilots. Though many full-size Mentors still exist today, there are few R/C models of this plane around. But Top Flite is proud to announce the unveiling of a 1/5 scale replica of this legendary trainer that performs as realistically as it looks. With its Gold Edition engineering and lots of scale touches, this T-34 Mentor makes for a proud addition to your military model hangar.

  • The fuselage and wings are fully sheeted in 3/32″ balsa for added strength, while the tail section is sheeted in 1/16″ balsa for lighter weight.
  • The cowl and tail cone are made of heavy-duty ABS plastic for durability.
  • Selig 3086 and 3087 airfoils deliver comforting stability for smooth flight and basic aerobatics.
  • The large canopy can be installed to slide open and closed, and can be enhanced with a full cockpit kit (TOPQ8413) and 1/4 scale pilot figures
  • Performance options include operational flaps and retractable landing gear.