Vormhars P met harder P 1,2 kg


Vormhars P met harder P 1,2 kg
Kan na uitharding gepolijst worden.Een topcoating om een mal te maken die lang moet meegaan. Uitharding 24 uur.
Potlife 30 min

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Mould resin P

  • Hard elastic, good edge strength
  • Excellent grinding and polishing properties
  • Thixotropic (non-drip)
  • Manufactured in vacuum, so optimally free of air bubbles and homogeneous

This two-component epoxy resin is coloured black for Gelcoats (applied thickness 0.5–1 mm) in mould construction with high edge strength and good polishing properties. Mould resin P is processed and cured at room temperature in conjunction with epoxy resin laminates and laminating ceramics. In contrast to resin and metal systems, the surfaces are polishable. This tooling gelcoat is hard-elastic, i.e. not brittle, and exhibits good edge strength.

Consumption: approx. 0.5–1 kg/m²

Hardener P

Hardener for Mould Resin P with a pot life of 30 minutes.

  • Excellent chemical resistance (as far as possible styrene-resistant in combination with Priming wax and Film release agent PVA)
  • Free of nonylphenol, benzyl alcohol and DETA
  • The hardener is slightly thixotropic in order to enable application, in conjunction with the molding resin P, also on vertical surfaces and in thicker layers without the molding resin layer running off

Mixing ratio: 100 : 22 parts by weight of resin to hardener
Processing time (100 g batch size at 20 °C): 30 minutes
Geling time (1 mm application at 20 °C): approx. 90 minutes
Curing time (at 23 °C): 24 hours

Temperature resistance: 70 °C
(Shore D): 88
Impact strength 
(J/m²): 11
Flexural strength 
(MPa): 83
Compressive strength 
(MPa): 130